Taylor Swift Sued For Ripping Off Lyrics For 2014's "Shake It Off"Taylor Swift is being sued for allegedly stealing 20% of a song written originally in 2001 by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler.  
'Extortionist' May Take The Lie Detector Test, Only If Kevin Hart Pays For It
Randy Travis Sues Texas Over 2012 Naked DWI Arrest VideoThings were bad for Randy Travis back in 2012. Things really came to a head when he crashed his Trans Am, walked naked to a convenient store, while cussing at and threatening the arresting police officers.
Production Team Sues Paramount Pictures For Inhuman Working Conditions
Singer Toni Basil Sues Various Companies For Unauthorized Use of Her Song 'Mickey'
Usher Says 'No To Hookup At Hotel'
Hotel Employee Saw Usher and Accuser Hooking Up
'Pink Slime Report' Cost Disney Millions From Lawsuit
Usher Getting Sued By Three MORE People Because of STD Scandal
Lawsuit Filed Against Gwen Stefani After Fan Breaks Leg At ConcertGwen Stefani is wrapped up in a lawsuit after a fan broker thier leg during on of her concerts. Live Nation, who put on the show, was also named in the lawsuit.
Venus Williams Sued For Fatal Car AccidentOn June 9th, 2017, Venus Williams was involved in a major car accident. One that left an elderly man dead after spending fourteen days in the hospital.
Dale Hansen 'Unplugged' Shares Passionate Views on Baylor Rape ScandalChannel 8’s Dale Hansen has made national news several times when he goes ‘Unplugged.’ This time, it’s personal.

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