Man Saves Toddler From A Busy Street, Then Dangles Her From A Moving VehicleLadies and gentlemen, meet the laziest *hero on Earth! *The term "hero" is intended to be used very, very loosely.
Woman Rips Off Husband's TesticlesAnd not even for a good reason!
Study: We're Hard-Wired to Be LazyLazy… or efficient?
Video: Spray Cake In A Can! Coolest Thing Ever, Or Does This Make Us Even Lazier?
Dallas Ranked As The "Least Outdoorsy" City In America...WHAT!?Do you think we spend too much time inside? Or, like me, do you think this article is full of crap!?
Not So Perfect Radio Show: Lazy Summer
Top 5 Relationship Deal Breakers
Tuesday's Delilah's Dilemma, The Difficult One

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