Las Vegas Shooting Victim Wakes Up From Coma, Takes First Steps
Saturn & Jupiter's Moons Show Signs They Could Support LifeIt looks like NASA is one step closer to finding an alternative for Earth.
NASA Astronaut: Aliens Exist, But Still Haven’t Visited EarthSo it’s true… aliens do exits!!! (Well, at least according to Alan Bean, the fourth man to set foot on the moon)
Are These Things Annoying, Or Are You Just Too Sensitive? Take The Quiz And Find Out!We all have certain traits or habits we find annoying. Sorry. We can't help it.
Your Favorite Celebrities Discuss Life Before Social MediaSome may describe it as a simpler time, but was it necessarily a better time?
Whoopi Goldberg Responds To Fake News Story That Endangered Her LifeLast week a fake news story hit the internet claiming that Whoopi Goldberg said that Carryn Ownes, the woman who was highlighted in Donald Trump's speech to congress, was only doing it for "attention".
The Ten Most Stressful Experiences In Modern LifeA new survey revealed the ten most stressful experiences a person can experience in their lifetime.
85 Year Old Burleson Man Saves Two Women from Burning CarAn 85-year-old man is credited with saving the lives of two young women from a fiery crash, in his front yard.
Hangover Spray Is What You Need In Your Life This Weekend!You need this hangover spray in your life!
This 24-Year-Old Guy Lives His Life As A Merman!This guy is awesome!
You Have Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Your Entire Life!WOW! We have been doing this wrong our entire lives!
This 2-Year-Old Girl Dramatically Singing The ABC's Will Give You Life!This video has gone viral, and it's adorable!

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