3-Year-Old Pranksters Scares The Heck Out Of Her Mom With A GrapeKids...you can't live with them and you can't live without them.
Flight Attendant Saves 14-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficker With A Note In The BathroomShelia Fedrick, a flight attendant on Alaska Airlines, is a hero after she managed to save a young girl from a sex trafficker.
Little Girl Befriends An Elderly Man At The Grocery StoreIf you were looking for the perfect story for Thanksgiving, here it is.
Evil Cat Trips Up Her Toddler HumanWhy, why, why do people love cats? We all know that deep down they are evil! EVIL!!! Don't let them fool you, they're just pretending to be sweet. If given the right moment they will eventually turn on a human.
Adam Levine Shares The First Pic Of Baby Dusty RoseAwwwwwwww, Adam Levine is one proud dad!
Little Girl's Morning Pep Talk Is Inspiring & Adorable!We all have those days where you just feel blah. You don't like anything about yourself. Maybe your hair isn't quite right or you can feel the puffy bags under your eyes. On any given day, we can find something wrong with ourselves.
Little Girl Gives Her Dinner To A Homeless ManKids are awesome! Not to mention, so are the parents that raise them!
5-Year-Old Girl Pulls Her Tooth With A Bow & ArrowRemember the first tooth you ever lost? It probably dangled for days, but for whatever reason you just didn't want to yank it out. Perhaps it was the fear or pain or concern that another tooth might not replace your old one. Who knows!?!?
Little Girls Draws A Bunch Of Penises, I Mean Giraffes On Her Front Steps!This is hilarious! These look nothing like giraffes!
11-Year-Old Covers 'Shake It Off' And It Could Be The Best One Yet
VIDEO: Little Girl Giggles Endlessly As She Walks Her DogNothing is cuter than little kids and animals. A video of a little girl giggling as she walks her dog is burning up the web with over a million views. Check it out!
Pink Stops Concert To Comfort Crying Girl In AudiencePink stops her concert mid-song to comfort a little girl crying in the audience. Check out the video!

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