Lost Dogs Return Only When Owner Begins Cooking Sausages At Spot Where They Were Last Seen
Lost Uber Drives Through Middle Of Golf Course (Video)If you drive for Uber, you should required to have a solid grasp of the city you live in.
Firefighter's Wallet Returned After 13 Years Completely IntactDean McAuley was out on a shift as a firefighter when his wife, Stacy, received a package in the mail with a note attached. She called him and work and said, "You are never going to believe what you just got in the mail."
Plano Introduces Collar Tags With QR Code To Help Owners Track Lost PetsThe City of Plano is introducing a new method to help owners track their pets should they become lost.
U.S. Airlines Least Likely To Lose Your Luggage
Woman Loses Credit Card In Uber, Driver Uses It To Buy $500 Worth Of ViagraSoon after reporting her purse as stolen to the police, she received a fraud alert that her credit card was being used in an attempt to buy some contraband online.
Cutest Little Boy Ever Loses His Goggles! This is Adorable!This is the most adorable little boy EVER!
Jon Gosseling Says He Doesn't Know Where His 12-Year-Old Son Is!This is a little awkward!
Sybil Lost A Bet With The Mayor Of Arlington! Here Is What She Has To Do!The mayor of Arlington is awesome, and this is just more proof!
Amber Rose Has Already Lost 10 Pounds From Being On Dancing With The Stars!Get it girl!
Your Lost Luggage Ends Up At One Of The Largest Thrift Stores In The Nation!Have you ever wondered what happened to your lost luggage?
The Iconic 9/11 Flag Has Been Found!They have found the iconic 9/11 flag!

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