Is There a Perfect Age to Marry? Mathematicians Say it's 26According to a journalist and a cognitive scientist who’ve collaborated on a new book, something called “the 37 percent rule” could help us save time in seeking a spouse.
Selena Gomez Destroyed This "Marry Justin Please" Sign On Stage
Man & Woman Marry at Airport Upon First MeetingWhen you think about it, throughout history women have married men they’ve never met until their wedding day. In that context, this story isn’t so unusual. But in other ways, it sure is.
Texas Judge Orders Man To Marry His Girlfriend Or Do Jail Time
This Man Asked His Girlfriend To Marry Him With A Ring Made From His Leg Bone
Man Divorces And Sues Wife For Being Ugly And WinsA man in China has divorced and sued his wife for being ugly, and he won
Train Performs First Wedding, More Ceremonies To ComeOn July 26 in Charlotte, North Carolina Jon and Corie Martin became husband and wife at a Train concert. And believe it or not, the band had a lot to do with it.
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