McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Promotion for Rick and Morty Fans Did Not Go Well
McDonald's Manager Busted for Selling Drugs with Meals to Undercover CopsThe night manager has been accused of selling nearly $11K in drugs concealed in meal orders.
McDonald's Will Be Testing Out a Vegan Burger in Finland
Burger King Is Trolling McDonald's With The Popularity Of "IT"The "IT" reboot hit theaters on September 8th. On the exact same day, Burger King started trolling McDoanld's by playing into people's fear of clowns as a way of encouraging customers to opt for the flame-grilled burgers at BK.
Man Trolls McDonald's And Orders Nothing For $.99, And They Charge Him!So...he ordered nothing.  Essentially air.  And the best part?  McDonald's actually processed the order and charged him!
McDonald's Sent the Creator of Rick and Morty a Giant Bottle of Szechuan Sauce
The McDonald's Value Menu Is Coming BackThey backed off from it for a while...but McDonald's has learned from their mistakes.
"McDCouture" Is The McDonald's Inspired Fashion Line We've Been Waiting ForMcDonald's is more than just food.  It's a pop culture phenomenon, with toys, movies, books, and now...a fashion line.
Select McDonald's Restaurants Are Piping In Classical Music To Keep The Drunks CalmMcDonald's can make a mean burger and deal with a mean drunk all at the same time.
Little Girl's First Sip of Coca-Cola is All of UsHer reaction is pure gold.
Man Strips Totally Nude At McDonald's, Proceeds To Jump Around On CounterThe guy is standing there with his buddy, near the soda fountain, and then proceeds to remove EVERYTHING, and make his way to the counter, much to the chagrin of all the employees and other customers who were not expecting that kind of Quarter Pounder.
Some Texans Unhappy Waiting :60 More For McDonald's NEW Fresh Beef BurgersIn March, McDonald's made their announcement about offering fresh vs. frozen beef for their Quarter Pounders.

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