Learn How To Become A Mermaid At A School In Plano!Every little girl's childhood fantasy is now a reality!
So Now There's a Mermaid Frappaccino
This Video of a Corgi Wearing a Mermaid Tail Is EverythingForget a human mermaid, corgi mermaids are so much better.
Topless Lena Dunham Wishes Fans A Very "Mermaid Christmas"Lena Dunham of HBO's Girls got to fulfill what she called one of her "lifelong" wishes this Christmas.
This 24-Year-Old Guy Lives His Life As A Merman!This guy is awesome!
This Guy Dressed Up Like A Mermaid And Did A Photo shoot! This Will Make Your Day!These are freaking hysterical
Ultrasound Shows Baby Growing "Mermaid Tail" Instead Of Legs (Photos)A 23-year-old pregnant woman in China was shocked to see the baby developing in her womb had developed a tail-like growth instead of legs.
Channing Tatum To Go Under The Sea, Portray A Mermaid In New FilmHE'S GOING TO BE A MERMAN!!
Busty Mermaid Sandcastle Is Getting Some ComplaintsWith a name like Salty's on the restaurant's marquee, one might understand why it's necessary to have a ridiculously busty mermaid made of sand out front.
Train's Pat Monahan Promises to Complain Less, Write New Songs
Train's Pat Monahan Celebrates His Birthday With A 'Mermaid'
'Mermaids: The Body Found' Fake Documentary Has Viewers Confused

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