Minnesota Girl, 15, Escapes Captivity By Swimming Through A Lake
'Magic: The Gathering' Match Ends In StabbingThe assailant called 911 after the attack.
A Dog Was Elected Mayor In Minnesota!No seriously, it is the mayor of this town!
June 7 Declared Prince Day in Minnesota; Marking Prince's 58th Birthday
Everyday Is Bey Day, But Minnesota Just Made It OfficialGovernor Says May 23 Is Officially Beyoncé Day
Minnesota Just Ripped Off Texas Slogan "Don't Mess With Texas"
New Winter Trend: Frozen PantsIf it gets cold enough in DFW, we should play along!
Read the Apology From Lion Killer, Dr. PalmerThe Minnesota dentist who shot and killed Cecil the Lion sent a letter to his patients yesterday, denying any criminal intentions and apologizing for what he did.
World's Dumbest Criminal Award Goes To...
Woman In A Hurry Gets 4 Speeding Tickets In 3 HoursSpeedy Gonzalez has nothing on this grandmother speeding through 3 states to make it to a family event.
"Goose" Checks In On The Way To Minnesota

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