Shawn Mendes And His Mom Get Adorable Matching TattoosShawn Mendes had been trying to convince his mother to get a tattoo for a while.
Beyoncé Spent The Weekend Helping The Victims Of Hurricane HarveyYou may already know this, but Beyoncé is one of our own. Ok, ok, DFW adjacent. Queen Bey is from Houston. While she may not live there now, her heart still belongs to Texas.
Nicole Polizzi's Children Learn Their Mother's Famous "Jersey Shore" NicknameThe truth is starting to emerge for Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki's children.
Serena Williams Gives Birth to First ChildSerena Williams is a mom!
[PHOTO] Shannon Beador from RHOC Rushed To ER
Study Finds Mothers Work An Average Of 98 Hours A WeekMothers just don't seem to get enough credit nowadays. 
Allen Mom Cites Harry Potter as Why Her Son Missed 3 days of School
Texas Mom Makes New Friends While at Daughters College Orientation, Texts "Don't Wait Up"
Moms Share How Disgusting Their Adorable Babies Actually Are (Photos)We all know that babies can be as equally disgusting as they are cute.  
Mom Accidentally Bakes Inappropriate Cookies for Sons 1st Birthday
What If Cats Said Mom Instead Of Meow?Pets are a lot like kids. They may not be able to voice the word "Mom," but their actions can be just as irritating.
1/4 of Millennials Are Okay Living With Mom & Dad - Even Into Their 30sYou may have heard that more young adults are living with their parents than in previous generations. New research says they may extend the arrangement even longer, if possible.

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