This Phone Case Also Serves As A Container For Your Morning CoffeeLadies and gentlemen, our mornings just got 10x easier.
Things You Should Never Do First Thing in the MorningOops, I hit snooze just a few hours ago. I know better!
According To Science You Should Be Working Out In The Morning
Ladies! This Is When You're Supposed To Actually Shave Your Legs!This is the best time of day to shave!
Researchers Say Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Could Be Good For Your Brain And Waistline!
This Bracelet Lets You Absorb Caffeine Through Your Skin!This is amazing! We need one of these NOW!
Study Comes Up With Perfect Music to Wake Up ToDo you wake-up to music… news… talk… or nothing on the radio? Or maybe you wake-up to something else you’ve programmed. I realize if you wake-up to Jody Dean’s show it’s the perfect blend of all three :) but here’s an interesting new study about what music starts the day on the right, um, note.
Designer Creates Bizarre Cup You Have To Kiss To Get Your Morning Coffee
North Carolina Radio Show Gets Into Fight On The Air
Local News Accidentally Aired A Minute Of Porn
Drinking At Breakfast Just Became Normal With Spreadable Wine
Mountain Dew Creates "Breakfast Drink"

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