Kid Asks The Neighbor For The Wifi Password Since Mom Took Away The Internet For The SummerThe internet is a vital part of life. We use it every day. It's hard to imagine a day, a week, the entire summer without the worldwide web!
Man Arrested For Breaking Into Neighbor's Home To Drink His Booze And Eat His Sandwiches55-year-old South Carolina man Joel Puglia was incredibly hungry one day, when he found he had nothing inside of his home to eat.
Actor Chris Salvatore Takes In His 89-Year-Old Neighbor With LeukemiaChris Salvatore is not the biggest Hollywood name you've ever heard, but it is one you will never forget. While you may know some of his on-screen work, Girlfriends of Christmas Past or Paradise Pictures (a couple of TV movies), his kind heart is what will stick with you.
We Found Donald Trump's Doppelganger!We all have an evil twin out there. Perhaps your the evil twin? Who knows, but at some point in your life, you will come across a person that looks exactly like you. In fact, you've probably already seen someone at the grocery store who looks like your favorite celebrity.
Woman's Halloween Display Has Her Neighbors Calling The Cops!What do you think about her decorations?
Hawaiian Neighbors Aren't Happy With Mark Zuckerberg's New Privacy FenceMark Zuckerberg may be the mastermind behind the life-sharing social media site Facebook, but at heart he's big fan of the privacy fence.
Woman Leaves Neighbors A Note Saying Their "Children Look Delicious"
Debate Sparks After Mother Breastfeeds Her Son And Friend's Child
Neighbors Who Drive Us CrazyJustin Bieber's antics in his neighborhood brings to mind our own neighbors we wish would move away.
Man Arrested For Laughing Too LoudA man's loud laughter could land him in jail. Just another story from 50 Shades Of Cray.
Woman Accuses Neighbor Of Training Squirrel To Attack Her FlowersGrumpy granny in England claims that her neighbor trained a squirrel to attack her garden.
Judge Declares Noisy Neighbor Complaints Against Madonna Warrant Trial

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