Audio Reveals Tense Moment When American Airlines Pilot Dies in Flight from DFW The Boeing 737 had 136 passengers and six crew members aboard; it arrived in New Mexico shortly after 3:30 p.m. local time from Dallas-Fort Worth.
American Airlines Pilot Dies While on Flight From DFWThe flight from Dallas-Fort Worth landed without any problems. However, the cause of the pilot's death remains unknown.
You Will Never Believe What This Family Found On Their Porch! Spoiler Alert, It's A Male Body Part!
Ghost Caught On Camera: Do You Believe It?A Police Officer in New Mexico believes it was a ghost. Will you?
Woman Arrested For Calling Ex 77 Thousand Times In One WeekAt least she not a quitter.
Felix Baumgartner Jumps Into History From 24 Miles Above The EarthFelix Baumgartner smashed the sound barrier and all sorts of records yesterday as he skydives from the edge of space, 24 miles high.
Sugarland's Tour Resumes With Moment Of Silence; 6th Person From Stage Collapse Dies
Twilight Author Announces New Film Adaptation

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