Dad Takes Daughter's Phone Away and Leaves Her with a Hilarious NoteThis dad is the ultimate troll!
Kid Asks The Neighbor For The Wifi Password Since Mom Took Away The Internet For The SummerThe internet is a vital part of life. We use it every day. It's hard to imagine a day, a week, the entire summer without the worldwide web!
Whataburger Comes Through For A Texas Groom Getting Married In D.C.Just another reason why Whataburger is simply the BEST! Not only is it the best fast food burger on Earth, but they go above and beyond for their loyal customers.
Little Boy Sent Home With A Note From "School" That Says He Should Be Allowed To Play Video Games All Night LongWho knew elementary schools had video game classes?
Fort Worth Police Officers Surprise Little Boy Who Wrote Them A Thank You Note!This little boy will never forget this!
Samsung Phone Explodes And Destroys Man's CarHopefully you don't have one of these phones. This is really scary.
Teen Girls Were Being Rude At Starbucks And This Mom Said The Most Amazing Thing Ever!
Little Girl Tries To Con Her Mom Into Revealing A Surprise With This Hilarious Note!
Someone Hit This Guys Car But The Note They Left Is So Funny He Doesn't Even Care
A 2nd Grader Tricks Teacher Into Going Home Early By Writing Their Own Excuse NoteHow can you not tell the difference between a note written by a parent and one written by a 7-year-old.
Man Sends Hilarious Note To His Neighbor Who Is Having Very Loud Sex!
Guy Finds Wallet And Leaves The Most Brutally Honest Note You Will Ever Read!

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