Puppy Tries Nursing From Owner's NipplePuppies are adorable cute little furballs of love.  But they need their nutrition too.  One golden retriever pup apparently was looking for a little more of mama's milk while sitting on its shirtless owner it spied his nipple and instincts took over.
Woman Halts Business Meeting... In The Strangest Way Possible!This is not okay.
Texas Woman Makes Jewelry Out Of Breast MilkEwwwww.
See The Controversial Gym Ad That's Got Everyone TalkingDoes it offend you?
Nurses Everywhere Are Demanding An Apology From The View
What Outspoken TV Star Says She'll Breastfeed Her Kids Until Age 6?!She's an advocate of nursing.
VIDEO: You Will Never Believe What This Great-Grandmother Escaped A Nursing Home To Do!Can you imagine showing up to the nursing home to see your mom, and she isn't there?
Target's Breastfeeding Policy Delights Nursing MomsDoes this make you want to shop at Target more?
Stubborn Mothers Start Public Breastfeeding CampaignThese moms are smarty-pants.
Supermodel Shown Breastfeeding On Magazine Cover
Shocking "All-Natural" Ingredients Now Used For FacialsI think I'll pass.

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