Joey Chestnut's Record-Breaking 72 Hot Dogs Total 20,160 Calories And 1,296 Grams Of FatJoey "Jaws" Chestnut inhaled 72 hot dogs at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, which was good enough for his 10th title in 11 years.
Study: 'Traffic Light' Calorie Labeling Leads to Healthier ChoicesWe all know green means ‘go’ and red means ‘stop,’ so researchers incorporated that familiar notion into menus. It’s working. They combined the familiar traffic light symbol + a numeric calorie count.
Could Exercise Labels Will Soon Be Added To Your Food's Nutritional Facts?Do you ever look at the nutritional facts of food? Sure 3 Oreo cookies are 160 calories, but what does that number really mean? How much exercise am I going to have to do to get rid of those calories?
Exercise Alone Won't Shed PoundsOf course exercise improves your well-being and strength, but exercise also causes you to eat more.
Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Talks About New Book That Will Help You Kickstart Your Bikini BodThe Biggest Loser's Bob Harper chatted with us about his new book, Jumpstart To Skinny. Just in time for us to get ready for swimsuit season.
Help Feed The Hungry With Biosanes' Magic CookiesIn a fabulous drive to feed the hungry, Biosanes is making a generous donation to the North Texas Food Bank! Find out how you can help!
British Teen Hospitalized After Eating Nothing But Chicken Nuggets For 15 Years
Healthy Eating Is Really Expensive
Recessionista Recipes: 5 Healthy & Affordable Smoothies For A Beautiful Bikini Bod
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