Four Arrested After SWAT Raid On A Dallas Apartment Complex
Dallas' First Chestaurant, Tallywackers, Has Decided To Close Its DoorsTallywackers owner Rodney Duke confirmed that "What it boils down to is the location we had didn't work for us and our lease was up."
30 Drag Queens Competing For Top Prize At Miss Gay Texas Pageant (Video)30 drag queens have begun competing in on of the biggest pageants in the country last night, and it all takes place in our hometown.
Dallas Woman Watches Live Surveillance Video of Her Townhouse Being BurglarizedOak Lawn has had a lot of crime lately… terribly unsettling. In this case there’s video and the resident watched it unfold from afar, due to technology.
VIDEO: Bill Maher Talks About New Dallas Restaurant 'Tallywackers'I don't think that Bill was clued in that the restaurant is located in a predominantly gay neighborhood, and will likely target and be staffed by gay men.
Male Equivalent Of Hooters Coming To Dallas?All signs point to yes.
Dallas Bigot Who Spray Painted "666" All Over Dallas Last Year Arrested...Finally.Remember the story in 2014 where some moron spray painted "666" at various sites around Oak Lawn? That creep is in jail now.
When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Decorations?Each family tends to have their own traditions, when do you take yours down?
Dining Bliss At Oak In The Design District

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