More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or ObeseStartling stats in a new study show the world is getting fatter and the U.S. leads the pack.
This Obese Monkey is Being put on a Strict Diet
YouTuber In Hot Water For Fat-Shaming VideoDoes this video offend you?
Honey Boo Boo's Mama June Shannon's Diet? You Won't Believe What She Eats!
Melissa McCarthy Regains 50-Pounds After Weight LossIt had made big news when actress Melissa McCarthy had reportedly lost 50 pounds, but she seems back to her normal self when she was spotted out with her family in Los Angeles on Sunday.
Woman Giving Letters Instead Of Candy To Overweight Trick-Or-Treaters
News Anchor's Emotional Respones To A Viewer Calling Her Obese

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