It's Official: Cheerleading Is A Olympic SportWell sort of!
Former Olympic Athlete Becomes A Fort Worth Police OfficerThis is an awesome story!
Three Regular People Got Tricked Into Jumping Off An Olympic High Dive And It's Hilarious!This would be terrifying. We can't believe they did it.
Olympic Athlete Who Pooped His Pants During Race Is A Real Life Hero!Poor guy! This is horrible, but he never gave up!
Two U.S. Olympic Swimmers Prevented from Leaving Rio
Watch This Olympic Diver Belly Flop And Not Score A Zero!How did he actually get some points for this dive?
Olympic Winners Score Some Major Cash With Their Medals!Why do other countries pay there Olympic athletes way more than we do?
This Weight Lifting Accident Is The Most Gruesome Thing You Will At The Olympics!We don't suggest you click on this if you have a weak stomach.
So... How Much Are Those Olympic Gymnastics Leotards Anyway?The U.S. gymnasts have an entire wardrobe of leotards for the Rio Olympics: 8 for competition and 12 for training. The total dollar amount rivals a Kardashian closet.
Watch The USA Olympic Divers Do Belly Flops!There is something awesome about this video!
Here Are The Top 5 Olympic Bulges For You To Enjoy!Here are Olympic bulges for you!
Olympic Athletes Are Freezing Their Sperm Before Going To Rio Because Of The Zika Virus!

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