Basketball Player Suffers Gruesome Injury When Eyeball Pops Out Of Socket (Video)Yes, this might be one of the worst sports injuries you will ever see, but professional basketball player Akil Mitchell is ok, is home, and is seeing fine.
Watch This Cross Country Runner Get Taken Out By A Deer!He flew a good 5 feet in the air! This is crazy!
Naked Swimmer Gets Hook Caught In His 'Manhood'OMG! Can you imagine how painful this was?
The Home Button On The New iPhone Is Burning People's Fingers
Lime Juice Is Burning Peoples Skin And The Pictures Are Terrifying!
Viral Video Shows Girl Twerking And Falling Out Of A Car
The Most Dangerous Sexual Position!
We Waxed Producer John's Eyebrows And It Was Awesome
The Funniest Amazon Review You Will Ever Read!
Katy Perry Gets Her Nosed Pierced And Posts It On Instagram
VIDEO: Bartender Lights Patron's Face On Fire!You have to see this to believe it!
28 Regrettable Tattoos

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