Research Shows First-Borns Are More SuccessfulDepends on how one defines success, but according to a new study first-born sons are significantly more likely to work in executive positions than second-born siblings.
Dad Trolls His Son At Basketball Game For Making Bad GradesAn NBA fan is making waves for bringing a sign to a Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Hornets game that called out his son for apparently not bringing home a satisfactory report card.
Parents Reveal Their Most Ridiculous Rules For Their ChildrenParents know the struggle. Sometimes you have to get a little tough with the youngins, and throw the hammer down with some discipline.
Kids Are Most Fun at Age 5; Most Stressful, 10 to 12The average parent thinks raising kids is 50% fun, and 50% hard work, and think FIVE is the most fun age. Why?
David Beckham Fires Back After Criticism Over Daughter, Harper's PacifierEverybody's a parent and a critic.
Parenting 101: You Will Tell These Lies To Your Kids
VIDEO: "Hero Mom" Explains Her ActionsFollow-up from yesterday
60 Seconds Of Video That Encapsulate Parenthood
4 Years Old & On The Hunt For Love?
#WeekendRewind: Hoverboards, Fast Food & Hope In Hospitals
Moms Shared Their Bad Parenting SecretsMoms share the lies they've told their kids to get them to behave.
Julie Is Trying To Teach Her Daughters To Ride A BikeJulie is having trouble teaching her daughters how to ride their bikes.

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