Really Gross Facts About Your Swimming PoolIt's almost time to head back to school. Summer is coming to an end. So,why not take this opportunity to ruin swimming pools! Yay!
Scientists Determine Just How Much Pee Is In The Swimming PoolThe team studied two public pools of different sizes, one containing 110,000 gallons of water, with the other holding 220,000 gallons.
Michael Phelps: "Normal Thing" To Pee In The PoolHe says not to worry, however, because the "chlorine kills it, so it's not bad."
There Is Actually Pee In A Bunch Of Knock Off PerfumesThis is so gross!
Vegas Zip Line Rider Pees On The People BelowFolks wanting the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas got much more of an experience than they bargained for.
This Peeing Dog Photo Bombed Gigi Hadid And It's Amazing!
Beware! There Might Be A Little Pee In Your Kellogg'sSoooooo gross!!!!!!!
This Is The Terrifying Thing That Can Happen If You Don't Break The Seal While Drinking
Gwyneth Paltrow Say's You're Peeing All Wrong And This Is How You Should Do It
Do You Know Why Your Eyes Turn Red In The Pool? It's Not Chemicals!
Your Off Brand Makeup Might Contain This.....
VIDEO: Houston UPS Driver Throws Packages, Pees On House!"So basically I paid someone to come to my house and pee on it..."

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