New Device Will Get Your Phone Charged Using Energy From Your HandsKeeping a phone charged is a serious first world problem. A teenager in the UK has created a serious first world solution.
Dating App Finds Someone Who Hates The Same Things You DoHater is a new dating app about to launch that matches potential mates based on things they both like, but more importantly the things they both hate.
Tarrant County Sheriff's Department Warns Of Phone Scam!If a police or other law enforcement official, saying they have a warrant pending or other type of fine out of Tarrant County related to a failure to appear for jury duty on you demanding you to pay the fine and fees by purchasing "Green Dot Money Cards" it's a SCAM!
New Phone Scam Makes You a Victim with One WordAs thieves get smarter and crooks get better at making victims, there's a new phone scam that may make you a victim with just one word. "Can You Hear Me?" is a scam the Better Business Bureau warns people to hang up immediately.
Stats Reveal The First Names That Get The Most Right Swipes On TinderThere are plenty of tips and tricks to get the most attention and "right swipes" on Tinder, including wearing bright colors to stand out from the 72% of users who wear neutral colors, and smiling for your profile picture boosts your chances to get a right swipe by 14%.
Watch CeeLo Green's Phone Literally EXPLODE In His FaceThis is truly frightening to watch
Man Steals $5 Million From Work, Spends $1 Million Of It On Mobile Game AppWhat happens when gaming addiction goes too far?
This Video Will Crash Any iPhone It Comes Across!Just in time for the holidays! What a great prank to play on your family!
Woman Falls A Sleep With New iPhone And Wakes Up With Crazy Burn!This looks so painful!
A Breastfeeding Emoji Could Be Coming To Your Phone Soon!It's about time!
Candy Crush Is Becoming A TV Show, Because Why Not!How are they going to make this work?
Samsung Washing Machine Explodes In Plano HomeSamsung has already received quite the backlash for their new Galaxy phones exploding, and now a washing machine manufactured by Samsung has exploded inside a Plano home.

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