Check Out Kim Kardashian's Unphotoshopped Bikini Pics
Ludcaris Did Not Fool Anyone With His CGI Abs In His New Music Video. The Responses Have Been HILARIOUS!Ok. We're not really sure if Ludacris meant for this to be a joke, or if he really thought no one would notice that his abs in the music video for his song "Vitamin D" were completely CGI.
80-Year-Old Grandmother Replaces Her Late Hubby's Pics With Leonardo DiCaprioIf you don't have Photoshop, a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio will just have to suffice.
Reddit Has A Photoshop Battle With A Trashcan That Resembles Donald TrumpYesterday, a user on reddit posted on the social website a picture of a trash can that resembles the President of the United States, Donald Trump
Someone Photoshopped George W. Bush On The Log Ride Wearing His Inauguration PonchoPerhaps one of the greatest moments to come out of Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony is former President George W. Bush playing with his rain poncho.
Mariah Carey Has A Thanksgiving Photoshop Fail And People Are Calling Her Out!This is pretty obvious! WOW!
People Are Really Upset Over Victoria Secrets Alleged Photoshop FailDo you see anything wrong with this photo?
Proof That Guys Have A Hard Time With Body Image TooIf you've ever needed proof that body issues aren't just for women...this is it.
Meghan Trainor Takes Down Her Own Music Video Due To Unapproved PhotoshoppedWhat do you think? Vote in our poll!
Rumer Willis Says Photographer Digitally Altered Image to Make Her Jaw SmallerA seemingly not uncommon practice: already good-looking, famous people having their natural looks messed with to look more… ‘perfect?’ Let us stop the nonsense.
Picture Of Justin Bieber Getting Choked Out Gets Turned Into ArtworkICYMI: Last week Justin Bieber was choked out by one of his tour mates, Post Malone, in a Houston night club.
Did Britney Spears Photoshop Her Latest Bikini Pic?Britney Spears has been taking some heat lately. First there were rumors that she had plastic surgery. Then she was accused of stealing pictures for her Instagram account. The latest accusation...photoshop.

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