Pizza Hut Reveals a Pizza We've All Been Waiting for and Everyone's Mouths Are WateringIt is truly a match made in heaven!
$9 Pizza Hut Pizza's To Celebrate Tony RomoWe still love #9.
Pizza Hut Released A Shoe That Has A Button On The Tongue That Orders Pizza
VIDEO: Pizza Hut Unveils New Bacon Stuffed CrustBACON LOVERS REJOICE!
See The Video That Got Two Guys Fired From Pizza HutWhoops.
Could Pizza Hut Be Facing The Same Christmas Backlash Over Their New Box?Pizza Hut has apparently learned nothing from Starbucks. In light of the red cup scandal that's been brewing over the last few days, Pizza Hut is going ahead with their own holiday box.
The Hot Dog Pizza Is A Real Thing And It's Coming Next Week
Pizza Hut's New Pizza Box Is A Game Changer
How Pizza Hut Saved A Family's Life!This woman is brilliant@
Mother Surprised By Stranger's Kindness At Pizza HutA wonderful story about an act of kindness towards a mother and her family.
Pizza Hut Creates Perfume
The Debate Question Everyone Wants To Be AnsweredThe October 16th Presidential Debate is going to be set up in a town hall format. People from the audience will ask questions to Mitt Romney and President Obama to get their opinions and help decide who to vote for. Well Pizza Hut is trying to get one very important question answered:

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