Police Warn Residents Of "Mad Pooper" Who Defecates In Front Of People's Houses While JoggingIf caught, the woman could face charges of indecent exposure and public defecation.
Man Poops In Police Car, Eats It, Then Spits It At OfficersPolice have to deal with loads of crap, poop and sometimes, just plain **it!
17 People Pooped On At Disneyland After Swarm Of Geese Fly Over ParkAnaheim police responded to a call from Disneyland Friday after reportedly 17 people were hit from flying fecal matter.
This Girl Wanted A Poop Themed Birthday Party And She Got ItWonder what her present was?
Start Your Week With A Chimpanzee Slinging Poop At An Unsuspecting GrandmaThis chimp has Chris Kyle level aim.
Chimp Throws Poo At Grandma During A Visit To The ZooIf you don't learn another thing from here on out, for the rest of your life...know that chimps will always throw poo!
People Are Paying $180 For A Bird Poop FacialShizuka NYC is an award winning spa which has mastered an ancient Japanese technique for taking care of your skin that might gross you out.
The New Peeps-Flavored Oreos Will Turn Your Poop PinkCode Pink! Code Pink! This is not a drill. The new Peeps flavored Oreos will turn your poop pink!
How Do You Go To The Bathroom In A Spacesuit?As human beings push beyond simply orbiting the Earth and trips to the moon, "going" is going to be an issue.
Students Forced To Evacuate Classroom After Sewage Begins Leaking Through CeilingStudents were forced to evacuate a basement classroom at New York University's Bobst Library Tuesday afternoon after sewage waste started leaking through the ceiling.
Doughnut Shop Creates Poop Emoji Chocolate DoughnutThe Doughnut Parlor in Rancho Santa Margarita, California decided to create an edible treat designed after the world's most popular emoji.
Glitter Pills Are Here And You Can Poop Christmas Colors Now!YAY! This is exactly what we needed for the holiday season! LOL

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