3-Year-Old Pranksters Scares The Heck Out Of Her Mom With A GrapeKids...you can't live with them and you can't live without them.
"Rings" Movie Crew Prank TV Store Customers With Creepy Girl Crawling Through The ScreenDo you like scary movies?
Girl From "The Ring" Scares Customers As They Shop For New TVs (Video)When unsuspecting customers are distracted by a wall of televisions, Samara, like in the movies, crawls out from behind a screen, and does what she does best.
Girl Pranks Her Tinder Match Using 'Finding Nemo' Plot
Ed Sheeran's Face Was Sliced Open With A Sword (PHOTOS)By a princess no less!
Worst Boyfriend Ever Wakes Up Girlfriend With TWO Huge Pythons (Video)YouTube prankster DerekDeso decided one python just wasn't enough apparently.
iPhone 7 Users Destroy New Phone After YouTube Video Tells Them To Drill Into New DeviceA YouTube video, however, showed a DIY solution to the headphone jack removal. It claimed, that by drilling into the new iPhone with a 3.5mm drill, you can create your own jack and continue to use headphones as normal.
Britney Spears Son Pulled The Best Prank Ever On His Mom! Watch This!Her son is hilarious!
Leonardo Dicaprio Scares Jonah Hill In This Hilarious Prank!This is hilarious! Poor guy!
Kid Replaces Family Photos With Pics Of Steve Buscemi: Waits For Parents To NoticeLike most kids sometimes get, Kevin Manion has been bored over this summer break. But he decided to do something creative. More exactly: something creative to mess with his parents.
Matt Damon Pranks People Sending Them On Secret Missions!This is so funny! What would you do if this happened to you?
FAIL: Putting Baby Powder In Your Wife's Hair Dryer Is A Terrible Idea. Here's Why...Ardy Ruff of Little Rock, Arkansas, thought it would be fun to prank his wife, but the joke went terribly awry.

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