Miss Texas Gives Scathing Rant On President Donald Trump's Charlottesville Response During Miss America PageantDuring last night's Miss America competition, each contestant was given twenty seconds to answer a question from one of the judges regarding a current issue facing the United States.
Donald Trump Singing "Look What You Made Me Do" Will Be The Funniest Video You Watch All Day"Look What You Made Me Do" is breaking all sorts of records, but do you think it'd be as successful if it was released by Donald Trump instead of Taylor Swift?
Turn Out, Sean Spicer Will NOT Be Appearing On "Dancing With The Stars"According to a source close to Spicer, he just isn't a good dancer.
Representative For California, Brad Sherman, Files Articles Of Impeachment Against President TrumpSince Donald Trump took office, the word impeachment has been thrown around a lot. However, up until now, it's only been talked about.
"Run The Rock 2020" Has Officially Been Filed With The FEC As A Presidential Campaign CommitteeDwayne "The Rock" Johnson is running for President of the United States in 2020. Now, whether of not he knows it, is unclear.
According To Reports, Kathy Griffin Was Interviewed By The Secret Service For Over An HourA little over a month ago, comedian Kathy Griffin found herself right in the middle of a presidential controversy. After taking a picture with a bloody beheaded Donald Trump, she was fired from CNN, berated by fans, and faced an investigation by the Secret Service.
President Trump Attacks CNN, WWE Style, In Newly Tweeted VideoDonald Trump, as far as we know, is the only President who is also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.  
#LoveWins in Germany
George W. Bush's Childhood Home Could Soon Become National LandmarkThe house that was home to two presidents, two governors, and a first lady may soon become a national landmark.
Costa Rican President Swallowed A Wasp During a Live Interview
Secret Service Investigating Kathy Griffin's Grotesque Trump PhotoComedian Kathy Griffin has finally gone too far.
What The Heck Is #Covfefe???President Donald trump's Twitter account is making the headlines again. #covfefe is trending on Twitter right now. And no one knows what the heck it means!

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