Teenager With Cancer Denied Entry To Prom Over Lack Of AttendanceSixteen-year-old Alex Dallas has been battling cancer since she was four.
If You're Thinking About Ordering A Prom Dress Online, Don't. Let These Dress Disasters Serve As A Warning.Prom should be a special occasion for all those that attend. It's the culmination of your long high school career, and your chance to finally let loose and enjoy the night with your friends.
Texas Prom Pic Includes Camouflage & GunsOnly in Texas.
Drake Escorts Cousin To Her High School PromChaperones are usually the unluckiest parent who is forced to make sure kids don't have too much fun while at a dance or party. Usually, the chaperones are not the highlight of a high school prom.
Propser ISD Requiring Mandatory Breathalyzers To Enter PromStudents attending Prosper High School's senior prom can expect more than fancy dresses and slow dances this year.
Prosper High School Prom-Goers Will Be Required To Take A Breathalyzer Test Before Entrance Tomorrow NightAnd there will be major consequences if a student tests positive for alcohol consumption.
17-Year-Old Aspiring Funeral Director Arrives For Prom In A Coffin (Video)Meghan Flaherty said she just wanted to have fun with Pennsauken High School's junior prom.
Cops Go on Prom Duty for Fallen Officer's DaughterThe Decatur High School student decided to take her prom pictures at her father's grave.
High School Student Creates Matching Prom Dress For DogEverywhere a dog is allowed, high school student Brenda Sierra makes sure to bring Sasha with her.
Prom Date Hilariously Falls Down The Stairs While Mom & Dad Are Trying To Get PicsAhhhhh, prom. It's the greatest night of the year for any high school Junior or Senior. It's a time to get all dressed up, eat at a fancy restaurant, and dance to night away...that is if you make it through the picture session with your parents.
The Chainsmokers Crash A Prom Right Across The Street From Their Concert (Video)Last Saturday night, Huntley High School held their senior prom inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.
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