[VIDEO] Man Proposes To Girlfriend 365 Times
Jerk Buys His Girlfriend Engagement Ring That Is Too Small To Get Her To Lose WeightYeah we can't believe the headline either. Chloe Cooper's proposal was hardly one for the ages.
Handcuffed Man Proposes To Girlfriend While Getting ArrestedWell the bar certainly has been set for romantic marriage proposals.
Kelly Clarkson Helps a Fan Pull a Surprise Proposal [Video]This is so sweet!
Hot Air Balloon Crashes After Man Proposes to His Girlfriend
Most Elaborate Proposal Ever: Woman Spent A Whole Year Unknowingly Wearing Her Engagement RingHe played the long con.
Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong at Fenway Park
Man Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal, And Shocks Her When He Brings Out Her Side Piece (Video)We know nothing about the individuals in this video. But we do know this is a proposal she will never forget.
John Stamos Helps Man Propose To His John Stamos-Obsessed Girlfriend (Video)Doug Cox calls it "The John Stamos Problem."
Woman Proposes To Boyfriend At Hockey Game, Presents Him With Bouquet Made Out Of DoritosAmanda Mussio didn't want to present her boyfriend, Brandon Haubrich, with a ring, as this was not a typical proposal.
New York Woman Has Night She'll Never Forget
An Entire Class Of 5th Graders Lose Their Minds When Their Gym Teacher Proposes To Their School TeacherWhen you were in school, do you ever remember any of your teachers dating? Was there ever a suspicion?

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