Kate McKinnon Plays With Puppies And Reveals How She Keeps A Straight Face During SNLKate McKinnon and a handful of adorable puppies is a combination that's impossible to pass on by.
Dogs And Fidget Spinners Are A Match Made In Adorable Heaven (Videos)You may not necessarily understand what these fidget spinners do, or why exactly they've become so popular, but there the latest craze right now.  They're so popular even, they've infiltrated our doggies, too!v
Canine Corner: MochaThis gentle boy wants to cuddle with you!
Canine Corner: AvaHow can you pass up this precious smile?
Canine Corner: Dolly-- ADOPTEDShe's so fancy!
Canine Corner: CJHe's scruffilicious!
Canine Corner: NicoNico is a sweet, smart boy who loves to cuddle.
It's International Firefighters Day: Let's Celebrate With Firefighters And Puppies!They're all so cute.
Party Animals Dog Food Recalled After Discovery Of Euthanasia Drug In ProductPet owners beware! Two types of pet food from "Party Animals" are being recalled after the discovery that they contained pentobarbital, which is used to anesthetize or put down pets.
Canine Corner: AvaLook at this sweet smile and waggy tail!
Canine Corner: LibbyOMG, those green eyes!
Canine Corner: BusterThis sweet senior boy needs a home!

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