Dirk Nowitzki Meets Adorable Guide Dog In Training Named After HimAs if we couldn't love the Tall Baller from the G any more, they introduce an adorable puppy.
Puppy Tries Nursing From Owner's NipplePuppies are adorable cute little furballs of love.  But they need their nutrition too.  One golden retriever pup apparently was looking for a little more of mama's milk while sitting on its shirtless owner it spied his nipple and instincts took over.
Chris Evans Returns Home After Ten Weeks Away To His Adorable Dog And A Mountain Of Kisses (Video)The last scene Chris Evans shot for the film Gifted was in a kennel.
Canine Corner: TinkerThat smile though!
Puppy Left in Airport Restroom With Attached Plea For HelpHis owner wrote a note of desperation before leaving him in a Las Vegas airport restroom
Kentucky Town Elects Dog As Mayor Fourth Time In A RowThe small town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky has an absolute stellar record when it comes to their elected officials.
Groom Surprises Bride With Baby Pug on Wedding DayNot every couple welcomes a new baby on their wedding day. You’ve got to see this.
This Puppy Doesn't Quite Have The Hang Of Squirrel ChasingRaise your hand if you could use an adorable puppy video today?
Stray Puppy Covered In Glue And Thrown In Mud Left For Dead, Makes Miraculous RecoveryPascal's skin was badly damaged from the chemicals in the glue, and he became about as stiff as a statue. One of his ears even became necrotic due to being starved of blood.
Robert DeNiro Loves The Puppy Filter On SnapchatOk, so Robert DeNiro isn't exactly on Snapchat, but he does love that puppy filter.
Mojo The Pit Bull Could Not Be More Excited To Be Adopted By The Man Who Rescued Him (Video)Be sure to get some tissues ready before you watch the video!
This Video of a Corgi Wearing a Mermaid Tail Is EverythingForget a human mermaid, corgi mermaids are so much better.

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