Little Girl's Answer to an Outdated Homework Question Is Receiving Major PraiseThis little girl might have a point.
We Cannot Figure Out The Answer To This Kindergartner's Homework AssignmentHey we're all adults, and being adults we should be able to complete a homework assignment meant for a Kindergartner in no time flat.
When You're 6'10", You Need A Business Card To Answer All Relating QuestionsDo you ever get tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Perhaps the answer lies in a simple business card.
Job Seekers Should NEVER Answer This QuestionIn addition to the usual myriad of questions a hiring manager will fire your way, you may be asked...
Can You Solve This Simple Algebra Question?Can you solve this algebra problem? People can't stop arguing about it!
Miss USA Contestant Flubs Her Way To Defeat (Video)The Miss USA Pageant occurred Sunday night, and the talk of the event unfortunately isn't the winner from the District of Colombia, but unfortunately the flubbed answer from Miss California, Nadia Mejia.
You Will Never Believe The Most Googled Question Of 2015! It Will Make You Laugh!
This Professors Extra Credit Question Will Blow Your Mind!
POLL: What Kind Of Underwear Do You Like On Your Man?It's National Underwear really...that's a thing. So I thought I would raise the question to my girls and my gays, what kind of underwear do you like on a guy!?
She Mail: Bathing Suit BluesJulie gave advice to a spouse dealing with a wife's bathing suit blues. Check out the advice Julie had for them and the other stories we covered this morning in She Mail!
She Mail: Dude Drinks Like A LadyJulie gave advice to woman whose date with a man revealed his taste for frilly cocktails. Check out the other letter we had this morning, including a He Mail!
I Got Busted Cheating On My Diet This Weekend, What Was My Cheat Food?Kory got busted cheating on his diet this weekend, what was his go-to cheat food? What's yours?

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