Texas Man Gets Trapped Inside an ATMThe man was slipped 'help me' notes through the receipt slot.
BREAKING NEWS: Monopoly Reveals A New Game Piece
Use Your Cell Phone In The Shower
Man Wears All His Clothes To Avoid Baggage ChargeEveryone hates baggage fees, especially a man in China who wore 70 items of clothing to avoid them.
The 10 Worst-Reviewed Movies Of 2012
Pizza Flavored Ice Cream!
Study Shows Men Take Up More Room On Airplanes Than Women
3D Photo Booth Makes Figurines Instead Of Pictures
Ice Cream Shop Creates Thanksgiving Flavors
Survey Shows 38 Million Americans Shop On The Toilet
World's Biggest Liar To Be Named Soon
Woman Runs Over Husband For Not VotingThey say one vote doesn't decided elections, but it might have saved one man from serious bodily harm.

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