Jimmy Fallon's Head Writer Leaves Tonight Show Amid Falling RatingsAfter 8 years together, Jimmy Fallon and A.D. Miles have parted ways. All this year, The Tonight Show has lost viewers with Stephen Colbert at CBS surpassing Fallon in the ratings.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Trolling Trump Over Low Approval RatingsSchwarzenegger and Trump are back at it.
Netflix Is Ditching The Star Ratings In Favor Of Thumbs Up Or Thumbs DownThe days of the five star ratings on Netflix will soon be gone.
NFL Ratings Have Dropped From Same Time Last Year, Why?
'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Hit All-Time LowDid you watch 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend? Nobody else did either.
NBC Cancels Popular SitcomWhich show got the ax?
'Game Of Thrones' Premiere Highest Ratings On HBO Since 2007
Judging The Judges: Star Power Alone Can't Revive 'American Idol' Ratings
London, Most Watched EverDespite a lot of groaning about the tape delays and the lack of live action from the London 2012 Olympics NBC has finished atop the podium with it's coverage.

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