Facebook Did NOT Shut Down It's AI Program After They Developed Their Own LanguageEverybody panic! Facebook shut down it's artificial intelligence robots after they developed their own language.
Facebook Was Forced to Shut down AI Bots After They Created Their Own LanguageIt's like something out of a movie.
This Dog Dosen't like the Roomba, So She Turns it Off
Company Sorts 200,000 Packages A Day With The Help Of Tiny RobotsRobots are the future whether we like the idea or not.
Did You Know Japan Had Their Very Own Westworld Theme ParkDid you watch HBO's hit series Westworld? It's a great show, we highly recommend it, however, it might confirm your belief that robots are going to take over the world.
Mattel Introduces "Aristotle," An Amazon-Echo Type Device For ChildrenMattel has produced its own line of Amazon Echo type devices that are specifically geared towards young children.
Chuck E. Cheese Inspires The Latest Internet ChallengeMove over Mannequin Challenge, there's a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name Chuck E. Cheese.
Would You Replicate Your Dead Loved One With A Robot Clone?Uhhhhhh, no thanks.
Pizza Delivering Robots Could Become A Real Thing Soon!
7 Movies For The End Of The WorldHollywood knows how much we love an apocalyptic disaster. Here are some films for a Mayan Apocalypse Movie Marathon.
Robots Perform "Thriller" Dance

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