Samsung Is Bringing Back The Flip Phone!There were few things more satisfying than dramatically closing a flip phone after a call.
VIDEO: iPhone 7 Plus Catches On FireIt looks like Samsung is not the only one having problems with their cellphones exploding.
Samsung Will Shut Down All Remaining Galaxy Note 7s On December 19thThis year hasn't been great for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7 has been on recall for months since it is a ticking time bomb in your pocket. The company attempted to fix the problem and replace the phones before ultimately removing the phone from store shelves.
Check Out This iPhone Case That Looks Like An Exploded SamsungAre you looking for a new case for your iPhone 7?
Samsung Says "Turn Off Your Galaxy Note 7 Now"Samsung has had some serious trouble with exploding devices lately. Even after the supposed Galaxy Note 7 fix, the phones are still having problems.
Samsung Washing Machine Explodes In Plano HomeSamsung has already received quite the backlash for their new Galaxy phones exploding, and now a washing machine manufactured by Samsung has exploded inside a Plano home.
Samsung Phone Explodes And Destroys Man's CarHopefully you don't have one of these phones. This is really scary.
Woman Calls Out Samsung's Phone Setting That Automatically Airbrushes SelfiesHave you felt like you look particularly good in your selfies lately? It might not actually be you.
Samsung Debuts (2) NEW Large Screen Phones TODAY!CBS 11 reports Samsung has introduced it's (2) new Android smartphones into the large-screen cell market.
Keyboard Flaw Leaves Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable To HackersA newly discovered flaw in Samsung's keyboard has left nearly 600 million phones vulnerable to hacker attack. The flaw allows hackers to monitor the camera, microphone, read texts, and install viruses.
REPORT: Samsung To Launch 3-Sided Smart Phone!Is this enough to make you move from Apple to Android?
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