Lubbock Is Home To The Most Savage And Funniest Business Sign Wars In HistoryLubbock is home to a couple of things.  Most famously, Texas Tech University.  Second, the greatest sign war in the history of food and retail.
Subway Savagely Shuts Down Man Trying To Score Free Sandwiches For A Year#NuggsForCarter was awesome, but it definitely opened to floodgates for people trying to score free food form their favorite restaurant.
Woman Breaks Up With Four Men Via Text Message In The Same Group ChatThe theories are still out on the best way to break up with a significant other.
Kristy Yamaguchi Sends The Most "Savage" Tweet Of All Time To Nancy KerriganNancy Kerrigan is competing on this season of Dancing with the Stars, and she recently received some good wishes in the form of a tweet from former winner, Kristy Yamaguch
Here Are The Most Savage Things Grandmothers Have Ever Said!Grandmothers can say the harshest things EVER! WOW!

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