Girl Accidentally Shaves Off Her Eyebrow Dancing In The ShowerIf you learn one thing today, let is be this...don't dance in the shower, especially if you have a razor in your hand.
Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson Shaved His Beard Off For CharityEver wondered what the guys of Duck Dynasty look like without their beards?
Zayn Malik Shaves His Head Completely Bald; Fans Do Not ApproveZayn Malik recently debuted his newly shaved (newly EXTREMELY CLOSED shaved) bald head in an Instagram post on Sunday.
John Cena Spends 30 Minutes Everyday Shaving. "I'm Completely Man-Scaped From Head To Toe"We already know John Cena is a huge proponent and advocate for Crocs, but did you know he also shaves...EVERYTHING?
Little Kid's Haircut Tutorial Goes Horribly Wrong After Taking Too Much Off The TopYouTube is great a place to find tutorials on pretty much anything. You can learn how to sew on a button. You can learn how to contour your face with makeup. How to create beach wave curls for your hair. How to tie a tie. There's cooking lessons, cats...the list goes on and on.
Girl Goes Off On Guy For Not Putting Out After She 'Shaved' Her Legs
Rose McGowan Just Shaved Her Head Bald And She Looks Amazing!
Demi Lovato Shaves Her HeadYes, Demi Lovato shaved her head.. Actually, not all of it, just one side. Check out the photo from Demi's Twitter page:
Kellie Pickler Shaves Her Head To Support Friend With Breast CancerKellie Pickler goes bald to support breast-cancer stricken best friend.
[Video] 46 Mommas Shave For The Brave 2011!

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