Since We Created A Gas Shortage Out Of Panic, GasBuddy Will Help You Find GasIt's true, shear panic created a gas shortage right here in DFW. Sadly, there are people who really need gas and can't get it.
Texas Is NOT Running Low On Gas
America is Running Out of Fast Food WorkersThere just aren’t enough people to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”
There Could Be A Champagne Shortage Headed Our Way!NO! Not the Champagne!
American Red Cross Calls For Donations Amid Emergency Blood ShortageIf you have been thinking about donating blood now is the time.
A Coffee Shortage? Could There Be Worse News On A Monday?According to Bloomberg, there’s a good chance we’ll face a coffee shortage in the coming years.
Venezuela Has A Shortage On Breast ImplantsIf you're keeping abreast of things (haha get it) there is an implant shortage.
Sriracha Factory Declared Public Nuisance - Is Shortage Imminent?
Turkey Shortage A Thanksgiving Emergency? Not So Much.Why is there a shortage, and will it affect you?
Starbucks Suffers Pumkin Spice Latte Shortage
The World Bacon Shortage Is Not HappeningEarly this week we told you about the horrific possibility of a world bacon shortage. It seems that the information on that press release might have been slightly exaggerated.

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