Siri Loves the 80's - Specifically 'Queen'If you have an Apple device, you're sure to have been entertained by Siri at one point or another. Apple's popular artificial intelligence can be incredibly helpful, a smart alec, a storyteller and now, a singer!
Jeff Goldblum Was Almost The Voice Of AppleImagine a world where your iPhone speaks to you in long...dramatic...pauses. That's what life would be like if Jeff Goldblum was the voice of Siri.
Texas Sheriff's Office Pleads: "Do Not Test The '108' Command On Siri"If you have an Apple device, chances are you use Siri (the intelligent personal voice assistant) for a good number of things: reminders, timers...recommendations on good places to eat in the area. However, one of Siri's "safety" features is backfiring in a viral prank that has authorities steaming.
Gain Access To Any Locked iPhone Without Using The Passcode Using These Simple StepsNeed to take your creeper game next level?
Siri Now Predicts Winner of Super Bowl LI
Barbra Streisand Called The CEO Of Apple Because Siri Mispronounces Her Name!She handled it like a total boss!
Apple's Changed Siri's Response To 'I Was Raped'We'll tell you what Siri says now.
140 Questions You Need To Ask Siri On Your Apple DeviceHang with friends and family this weekend...and try a few of these out for a good laugh!
If You Ask Siri About Caitlyn Jenner This Is What You Get
VIDEO: If You Ask Siri To Play Loud Farts She Plays A Rihanna Song
Siri Backtalks Julie And Flirts With TonyJulie is convinced that Siri hates her. We put Siri to the test to see who she really prefers: Tony or Julie.
Apple Announces New CarPlayApple is preparing to be more auto-friendly. Their new CarPlay system will be out later this year, allowing you to call, access messages, music, maps and more in either Siri voice-controlled or standard dashboard controls.

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