Sleeping In On The Weekends Could Help You Lose WeightA recent study that said sleeping in on the weekends was bad for your health ... but now there's this ... Research published in the journal Sleeps suggests that sleeping in on the weekends could actually have some benefits.
Study Shows Sleeping In On Weekends Linked to Poor Health, Heart DiseaseI was planning to sleep-in Sunday. My plans have changed. Researchers at the University of Arizona said what they call “social jet lag” – staying up later and sleeping in on the weekend – ends up making you more tired than if you just stayed on the same schedule all seven days of the week.
The JetComfy Makes Sure You'll Never Have Trouble Sleeping On A Plane AgainTrying to score a quick nap on a plane can often be one of the worst, most uncomfortable experiences in a person's life.
6 Common Sleep Mistakes People MakeBecause nothing is more important than a good night's rest!
Let The Soothing Sounds Of Steve Urkel Sing You To SleepAre you having trouble sleeping? Do you toss and turn all night long? We may have a solution.
This Pup Is Just Too Tired To Keep WalkingAny day with a corgi puppy video is a good day!
Woman Falls A Sleep With New iPhone And Wakes Up With Crazy Burn!This looks so painful!
Mother Accused Of Injecting Heroin Into Her Kids To Make Them Go To Sleep!This is insane! Poor kids!
Don't Let Daylight Savings Time Sneak Up On You This Year!An extra hour of sleep is on the way!
Mom Films Her Struggle Trying To Put Her Child To Sleep! How Are They Always Thirsty?The struggle is real if you have kids!
Science Says That Waking Up Early Might Be Killing You!We finally have a reason to sleep in! YES!
Difficulty Falling Asleep? Try Sunglasses At Night, Researchers SayThis makes perfect sense when you think about it.

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