Sleeping In On The Weekends Could Help You Lose WeightA recent study that said sleeping in on the weekends was bad for your health ... but now there's this ... Research published in the journal Sleeps suggests that sleeping in on the weekends could actually have some benefits.
Study Shows Sleeping In On Weekends Linked to Poor Health, Heart DiseaseI was planning to sleep-in Sunday. My plans have changed. Researchers at the University of Arizona said what they call “social jet lag” – staying up later and sleeping in on the weekend – ends up making you more tired than if you just stayed on the same schedule all seven days of the week.
Houston Couple Discovers Someone Hacked Their Baby MonitorAs a parent this is one of the scariest things out there.
Lose Weight While You Sleep! Gym Offering New "Nap-ercise" ClassesWhile the fool on the treadmill might technically "burn more calories" or whatever, napping in the middle of the day can help you feel better rested and less stressed, leading to a more productive rest of your day.
Cameras Catch Chrissy Teigen Napping In The Middle Of The OscarsThe Academy Awards is an incredibly long ceremony; some might argue that it is too long, so we're not surprised more celebrities aren't caught catching a quick snooze whenever they can.
Sleeping Baby Struggles To Eat Her Spaghetti (Video)This little girl has life figured out.
Worst Boyfriend Ever Wakes Up Girlfriend With TWO Huge Pythons (Video)YouTube prankster DerekDeso decided one python just wasn't enough apparently.
Study Shows Sleeping Alone Can Be Healthier Than Sleeping With PartnerBeen feeling a little under the weather lately? You might want to investigate how well and deeply you’re sleeping. And if who you’re sleeping with – no matter how much you love them – is affecting the quality of your sleep.
This Baby Sleeping While Standing On Her Head Is Straight Out Of A Scary Movie!Now this is creepy!
NY Couple Builds Massive Bed to Fit Their 8 DogsChris and Mariesa Hughes went out of their way to adopt eight rescue dogs.
Survey Shows Most Common Dreams Include Flying, Being ChasedIf you woke up with a start this morning because you were dreaming about being chased, you're not alone – that's the single most common nightmare for people around the world.
Sleepy Puppy Sees Baby Sleeeping And Does Most Adorable Thing EVER!

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