Snake Sneaks Into An Internet Cafe, Sending Grown Men Into Mass HysteriaSnakes are scary sneaky! For the most part, we underestimate the abilities of these slithery creatures. They can climb walls! Not to mention, they can leap from place to place!
Man Get $190 Fine For Walking His Snake With No LeashDon't let your snake slither free.
Young Boy Finds Snake on Alaskan Flight
German Hair Salon Offers Python Neck Massages. They're Ssssoothing.The Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, Germany is offering a unique service to its customers thanks to the owner's pet python, Monty.
The Indestructible Nokia 3310 Phone Is Making A ComebackNokia is not expecting the compete with more modern smartphones, and have designed the phone to appeal to those who can't afford modern smartphones, and possibly as a first phone for kids, a second phone to use while traveling, or a temporary "burner" phone.
Snake Gets Stuck In Owners Gauged Earlobe
Australian Woman Finds Snake Hiding In Christmas Tree As TinselAn Australian woman was tending to her Christmas tree when she noticed a piece of tinsel she hadn't seen before.
Look If You Dare: It's A Picture Of A 13-Foot Snake Eating A Whole might not want to look at this if you're eating breakfast.
Snake Slithers Out From Man's Hood While He Is Driving!Tim Mokwa of Dunedin Florida is accustomed to snakes, but NOT coming out of his car!
This Is Why The iPhone 7 Is Hissing At You Like A Snake!Is this supposed to happen?
Watch A Hawk Throw A Snake Into A Family's Picnic!We'll never look at hawks the same way again. This hawk is downright diabolical!
Texas Woman Fights Pair Of Snakes With A Meat Cleaver (Photo)Deborah Burdette went to her kitchen around 8am Monday morning when she saw came face to face with a rat snake.

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