Man Pulls 6-Foot Snake with Bare Hands from Neighbor's ToiletWould your neighbor do this for you?
Taylor Swift Continues With Snakes; Releases New Snake-Themed Jewelry And ClothingTo coincide with the release of the first single off her new upcoming album, Taylor Swift has announced some brand new items added to her online store.  
Kim Kardashian Apparently Blocks The Snake Emoji On InstagramWith all this hullabaloo surrounding Taylor Swift's dissapearance and slithery re-emergence onto Instagram, sooner or later all the snake memes would make their way back to Kim Kardashian.
Sarasota Family Discover Noises In Attic Coming From Six-Foot Boa ConstrictorBob van der Herchen and his family have been hearing noises coming from the attic for years.  
Lady Removes Giant Snake Hiding in Her Desk, Stays Completely Calm
Man Arrested After Smuggling Deadly Snakes Into Country In Potato Chip CansHe potentially faces up to 20 years in prison for the smuggling charges, as well as other allegations involving the other reptiles and protected species.
Man Shrieks as Snake Slithers out from Under the Hood on Texas HighwayIt was a Texas-sized surprise.
Texas Resident Catches a Snake Regurgitating Another Snake and It's GrossHopefully you're not eating while watching this!
Snake Sneaks Into An Internet Cafe, Sending Grown Men Into Mass HysteriaSnakes are scary sneaky! For the most part, we underestimate the abilities of these slithery creatures. They can climb walls! Not to mention, they can leap from place to place!
Man Get $190 Fine For Walking His Snake With No LeashDon't let your snake slither free.
Young Boy Finds Snake on Alaskan Flight
German Hair Salon Offers Python Neck Massages. They're Ssssoothing.The Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, Germany is offering a unique service to its customers thanks to the owner's pet python, Monty.

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