Did You Know There is a Pickle Juice Flavored Soda
College Student Professes Her Love For Dr Pepper, Company Rewards Her With Soda FountainLast December, Kansas State college student Clair Daniels professed her love for the always refreshing and local favorite Dr Pepper.
This Guy Filled His Water Cup With Soda At McDonald's And Now Faces Charges!
Applebee's And IHOP Remove Soda From Kid's MenuWe've all seen the studies that show how bad our favorite carbonated beverages are for you, and restaurants have started to do something about it.
This One Hair Hack Will Get You Shiny Hair For Less Than A Dollar!
These 8 Things Finally Happen When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda
What Happens In Your Body After Drinking A Soda?A new infograph that describes what happens inside your body after drinking a can of soda has become viral, and what it says is pretty horrifying.
Weekend Rewind: SURGE Resurgence, #LecraeOnFallon, Doctor Strange, Ron Washington And More
Man Rearranges Walgreens During Rant Over Beverage SelectionsGuy moves merchandise around Walgreens after discovering they don't carry his favorite soda. Talk about customer dissatisfaction!
New York's No Sugary Drinks Law Thrown Out
New Vending Machines Display Calories In Sugary DrinksCoke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper are coming out with new vending machines that will display how many calories are in their drinks.
Girl Designs Her Own Prom Dress From Soda Tops

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