Southwest Airlines Flew Cabin Full Of Dogs And Cats Rescued From Shelter’s Due To Hurricane HarveySouthwest Airlines decided to take matters into their own hands and flew a cabin full of 64 dogs and cats from over crowded Texas shelters to San Diego, California to find their forever homes.
Unruly Passenger Tackled and Tied to the Seat on Southwest FlightThe Southwest Airlines Flight was preparing to depart from Las Vegas and heading to Chicago.
Southwest Flight Forced To Make Emergency LandingAll the passengers are safe.
Southwest Airlines Removes Mother From Plane For a Very Good ReasonTake note of this, United Airlines!
Dallas Based Southwest Airlines Named One Of The Best Jobs For Employee BenefitsGlassdoor recently named Southwest Airlines one of the 20 best employers who provide benefits that "go beyond the basics and enter legendary status."
Southwest Airlines Flight Diverted After Woman Gives Birth On PlaneA Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando had to make a quick stop after an expectant mother suddenly went into labor and gave birth mid-flight!
Texas Rangers Players Work As Southwest Airlines Employees For The Day!What an awesome surprise for people returning to Dallas yesterday.
Southwest Airlines Rolling Out New Uniforms (PHOTO)Khaki shorts go bye bye. It’s the first new uniforms for Southwest Airlines in twenty years.
Southwest Airlines Kicks Arabic Speaking Student Off Their PlaneYou can now add speaking Arabic to the list of things you can't do on a plane.
The Top 50 Best Places To WorkWhere's the best place to work in the United States?
Altercation Grounds Southwest Airlines FlightBoy, if this doesn’t make you wanna board a flight. A Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco was forced to return to LAX last night after an altercation broke out between two passengers.
Update: Southwest Airlines Computer Glitch Still Causing Massive DelaysSouthwest Airlines still expecting delays today after a messy weekend.

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