Find Out What Crazy Iron Man / Spider-Man Theory Is Actually TruePrepare to have your Marvel Universe mind blown!
Tom Holland Can't Be Trusted with the Avengers: Infinity War Script
Spider-Man Surprises Customers at Starbucks
Tom Hardy is Set Play Venom in Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff
The Latest Trailer For Spider-Man: Homecoming Hits The InternetSpider-Man, Spider-Man, we get a brand new Spider-Man...trailer (By the way, you were supposed to sing that in the old school Spider-Man theme song).
Tom Holland Has Finally Revealed How Many Movies He Is Signed As Spider-ManAs we all know by now Tom Holland is the third actor to take up the role of the beloved Spider-Man. With a new movie franchise in the works, fans have been wondering how many times we may get to see him portray everyone's favorite wall-crawler.
Zendaya will play Mary Jane Watson In The Upcoming Spider-manZendaya set to play Mary Jane Watson.
Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 Things to AvoidMarvel announced yesterday that everyone’s favorite web slinger, Spider-Man, is going to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Marvel And Sony Team Up To Bring Spider-Man Into Marvel's Cinematic UniverseComic book movie fans everywhere are rejoicing this morning as Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment have announced that Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Universe.
#WeekendRewind: Spider-Man May Join Avengers Films, J-Law To Bust Ghosts & Navy Tests Laser
Watch Andrew Garfield Play the 'Spider-Man' Theme Song on 'Tonight Show'Andrew Garfield got our Spidey senses tingling last night on The Tonight Show when he brought out the old guitar for a heartfelt version of the theme.
Julie's Review Room: Spider-ManNew in theaters this week we have “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” once again starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

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