This Puppy Doesn't Quite Have The Hang Of Squirrel ChasingRaise your hand if you could use an adorable puppy video today?
Squirrel Attacks 3 People In Senior Living CenterThe squirrel has fled the scene.
First Responders Save Squirrel With Yogurt Stuck On It's Head!This is adorable! It's awesome they actually saved this squirrel.
Dad Uses Squirrel To Pull His Daughters Tooth And It's Kind Of Awesome!We can't make this stuff up! This is awesome!
Squirrel Jumps Off 21-Story Building and Lives to Tell (VIDEO)How in the world did this squirrel get to this balcony on floor 21? Elevator? However it happened, he got down must faster than he went up.
Woman Gets Mad At Her Husband And Tries To Stab Him With A Squirrel
Leigh Ann: Woman Charged With Stabbing Husband With A Squirrel
Man Drives Car Into Water To Avoid SquirrelA squirrel in the road sends a BMW into a bay. Sounds like 50 Shades of Cray!
Man Hurt While Hunting Squirrels With A Bullet Taped To BB GunMan goes squirrel hunting with a bullet taped to a BB gun. This is going to end well for the squirrel.
Woman Accuses Neighbor Of Training Squirrel To Attack Her FlowersGrumpy granny in England claims that her neighbor trained a squirrel to attack her garden.

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