Man Arrested After Stabbing Himself To Get A Day Off WorkAt this point, it is unknown what kind of career 54-year-old Masaru Miura has, but the Japanese businessman was so disheartened or stress with his job, he stabbed himself just to get one day off.
Azealia Banks Allegedly Threatened To Stab Russell CroweRussell Crowe's party took a turn for the worse over the weekend after rapper Azealia Banks allegedly threatened to stab Crowe and his friends.
7 Stabbed At Neo-Nazi Event In Sacramento (Photos and Video)White nationalists and skinheads marched on the Capitol grounds in Sacramento on Sunday, and shortly after arriving before noon were met by hundreds of protestors, utilizing their voices and picket signs to denounce the "Nazi scum."
Woman Stabs Boyfriend Because He Ate All The SalsaAccording to reports in Ohio, Phyllis Jefferson , 50, stabbed her boyfriend Ronnie Buckner just because he ate the last of the salsa. Now that's a spicy temper.
Man Finds His Wife In Bed--With Her Father! And Then It Gets Weird...You can't make this stuff up!
Woman Gets Mad At Her Husband And Tries To Stab Him With A Squirrel
Women Stabs Boyfriend Because He Ate All The Salsa
Fight In McDonald's Drive-Thru Ends With Man Stabbed In ButtDon't cut in line, and don't get between a hungry person and their Big Mac.
Man Finds Knife In Back 3 Years After Being Stabbed3 years after being stabbed in a fight, a man in Canada finds the blade still lodged in his back.

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