Watch Out For Gas Tank Thieves
Ellen Films Audience Member Stealing From Her Show And It Gets Awkward Real Quick! (Video)If you're reading this right now, we have a life tip for you.  Don't steal.  Like ever.
Apple Employees Accused Of Taking Naked Pictures Off Of Broken Phones!Why would employees be doing this?
Woman Gets Best Revenge Ever On Coworker That Keeps Stealing From The Office Fridge!Can you imagine how they felt when they read this? OMG!
Husband's Hidden Cameras Catch House Keeper Sleeping With His Wife!This is crazy! Can you imagine seeing this?
If You Have A Chip On Your Credit Card You Should Never Swipe It And Here's Why!
Dallas Man Shoots and Kills Burglary Suspect
Amy Schumer Says She Never Stole Jokes From Other Comedians!Uh Oh! Looks like she could be in hot water!
Starbucks Employee Busted After Stealing Customers Credit Card Information!
This Raccoon Stealing A Doughnut Is All The Inspiration You Will Need For 2016
Top Ten Things People Steal From Hotel Rooms
Nun Busted For Stealing From Church To Fund Gambling AddictionOne nun will have a lot to answer for after stealing money from the church for her gambling habit.

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